Creating Value with Clarity, Confidence and Control.

Discover, unleash and protect the value of your company…now and into the future.

The Problem We’re Solving

Most CEOs of small-to-medium sized companies inadvertently keep the value of their companies below what it could be by not fully understanding how to use strategy, value building and financial management when making their decisions.

We solve that problem by helping CEOs unleash and protect the value of their companies through financial discipline and planning, building the right team by ensuring every level within the company is aligned around the same goals and direction, and by implementing results focused tactical plans.

Our approach

There are eight key areas that have been proven to affect a company’s value. We begin every engagement by establishing a score for these areas to create an overall baseline Value Quotient (VQ) for your company. The VQ serves as the launch point for a more well-informed plan that leverages the areas where your company scored the highest and addresses the areas that can be improved.

Here’s what value building looks like


Ongoing strategic planning and disciplined financial management
Designing, implementing and tracking progress with a tactical plan
Treating cash and capital like acquired products and using them wisely
Managing expenses as investments strategically and tactically
Establishing and tracking key financial, sales and product development indicators


Right people,
right job
Ensuring alignment of business and financial objectives across all functions and levels
Clearly articulating job descriptions
Eliminating team dysfunctions; creating a unified management team


Determining the value of your company, and creating and implementing a value building goal
real-time indicators and results
Creating and adhering to realistic and comprehensive monthly financial rolling forecasts
Participating with management in ongoing business execution

Bill Wright is a Strategic Business Consultant and principal of Stellar Ventures who works as a business partner with every client to help them discover, unleash and protect the value of their company. With over 30 years of proven and successful executive-level business management and financial and M&A experience, his hands-on approach and understanding of the financial implications of every element that creates value within a company comes from a career that includes:

  • CFO of a venture capital-backed technology company, overseeing four progressive rounds of venture capital investment
  • Management of a private equity capital investment fund that realized a 20+% ROI over a seven year investment period
  • Sell side representation of business owners leading to successful sales of numerous businesses
  • Owner of a franchise development business that recorded a 3X increase in sold franchises in three years, far surpassing all other franchise developers
  • Comprehensive accounting experience with Deloitte that led to an offer of partnership